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ATLOrgy creator Cidney Green is back and so is the party (part II) 

Cidney Green, creator and hostess of the ATLOrgy is back in 2018 (Image Credit: Used with permission of Cidney Green)

It’s 2018 and Cidney Green is getting ready for another birthday and another #ATLOrgy party. Rolling out caught up with her and asked a few questions:

What were the three biggest lessons you learned from your party?
-Charge more. I did not place the proper value on the event last year. Sometimes we get scared to charge what we are worth. That’s not ever going to happen again. The #EroticSleepover brand is about luxury. Luxury is not cheap. I actually had some affluent people who loved the concept but did not come to the last one because the priced was too low. That’s one of the many reasons I have raised the prices this year. I want a certain caliber of person and I also want to encourage people, especially women to f–kng  indulge. Treat themselves to sh–. Explore their sexuality in the most luxurious and safest way possible. That and well like I said, this event will cost over $20K to put on.

-Delegate duties. Last year, I did everything for this event. I built the site, found the venues, talked to all sponsors, did every media interview, wrote and sent every email, plus all the other sh–. I had some assistance, but it was 90% me. It was life-consuming. So much so that I did not have very much energy at my party. I spent some time with my guests, of course. But I ended up getting my p–sy eaten a little after 1 a.m. only to bust a nut and fall asleep. The sex doesn’t go down at my sh– until midnight. I saw some wild sh– but I missed most of the action sh– due to being way more tired than I realized. I thought I’d just cum and bounce back. Nope. I woke up at like 10 a.m. the next day with a leaking tw-t and 1000 notifications about how I wasn’t at my party. Anyhow, this year, I have hired a web developer, event manager, someone to handle customer service and a personal assistant. It has made my life so much easier.

-I am truly loved and needed in this world. The amount of love and support I get is unreal … I wanna thank all of the people who approach me in public with love. I’ll never turn down a picture or autograph. And if you tell me you love me, I will always say it back.

When will your party be held this year?
The party this year will be March 16-18 in Atlanta.

What is the theme?
The theme of this one is indulgence. We have gone above and beyond on this one. This event costs triple the amount of the last to put on. The venue is 4x bigger. It has a pool and sh–. Very private. More models, more alcohol, more celeb guests. Unique erotic entertainment — no, it’s not strippers; that’s just basic. We will have a full cleaning staff, top of the line security, bag boys … We truly work hard to make this sh– magnificent. Porn legend Nat Turner will be there. I met him at AVN in January 2017 and he agreed to come as a special guest.

We have a private room option for those who want a VIP experience. VIP members get to come a day early (March 16). They get three extra meals, breakfast in bed, naked yoga, massages, extra time with me and the special guests — the works. There is always more. I just like to surprise my guests. Celebrity chef Rocky will handle all the taste buds for the weekend.

We are only allowing 75 people at this event. We have less than 50 left. Early bird ticket sales end on Friday, Feb 9. I have no doubt this event will sell out within the next two weeks.

How can people attend the event?
All information about the event and how to purchase can be found here:

How can people follow you on social media?
I am in FB jail so follow me on IG: @cgballsdeep88 and Snap: totalliberation

*Join us on the rolling out Facebook page this Thursday, Feb. 8, 2018 at 3 p.m.  for a Facebook Live discussion with Cidney “Total Liberation” Green, the Culture Creator behind the hit 2017 Atlanta Orgy event. She will be discussing her next party in Atlanta and what life has been like one year later. #CidneyGreen #TotalLiberation #ATLOrgy #Atlanta #MoBarnes**