Why you should keep a look out for urban clothing line Kreative Coaching

Why you should keep a look out for urban clothing line Kreative Coaching
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With the fashion industry continuously fueling creatives to tap into their potential, the owners of Kreative Coaching clothing line, Tevin Maxwell and Justin Cossey are doing just that. Both owners are natives of Savannah, Georgia, where they met in college at Savannah State University as freshmen. The friendship has since grown into a lasting business relationship as they celebrate five years in business with their successful clothing line.

Kreative Coaching’s pieces can best be described as an urban, streetwear brand. “To influence a generation through creative apparel” is the mission the company stands on. Rolling out learned more about Kreative Coaching and their one-of-a-kind clothing line.

New year, new pieces. In a few words, describe your latest launches.

Our new pieces are vulnerable, raw, authentic, and show complete artistic freedom. There are no restraints.

With such a great online presence on social media, how do you maintain it daily?

Neither of us has our own personal page; just the company page. By only having one page, it’s easier for us to stay on track and get things done. We don’t need any distractions.

Diddy sent your company’s page a direct message on Instagram and no one saw it until a year later. What were your thoughts when you finally opened the message?

First, in our defense, at that time we were receiving such a high response to our newly released pieces that had gone viral and Instagram didn’t have the direct messaging filter it has now. We follow him, so one day we were just on his page and clicked the direct message icon, and boom, [[there was] a message from Diddy telling us our clothing line was dope. It was a surreal moment. We definitely responded once we saw the message.

New York Fashion Week is back. If Kreative Coaching had pieces for a runway show, what models would you love to see rock your pieces?

We’d have to say, Kylie Jenner, for sure. Her energy, fashion sense and audience are immense.

What can we expect from your clothing line this year?

People can expect a new direction. We’re doing some things we’ve never done before and the new designs are nothing like what people have seen us put out before. Our pieces like the rude hoodie are inspired by the AC/DC rock band’s logo. Every piece we’ve ever released has meaning behind them.

To learn more about Kreative Coaching, visit their site, krecoa.com, and connect with the clothing line on Instagram, @kreativecoaching.

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