Omarosa says she’d never vote for Trump again; White House responds harshly

Omarosa says she'd never vote for Trump again; White House responds harshly
Photo: Facebook/Omarosa

Omarosa Manigault-Newman tried mudslinging on President Donald Trump’s White House and then hid around the corner. But Trump fired back with both barrels. He had his deputy press secretary confirm that Omarosa was, in fact, fired from her job.

Raj Shah was fielding questions in place of Sarah Huckabee Sanders Thursday and got asked about Omarosa slamming her former employer behind Trump’s back on “Celebrity Big Brother” the night before.

The Donald’s response was classic Trump: the White House doesn’t take her comments very seriously. He also deaded the much-debated topic of her departure a couple months ago … she was fired, according to him.

Shah elaborated with this … Omarosa had been fired from “The Apprentice” three times prior and “this would make the 4th time we let her go.”

It was also the time for Trump to engage in revisionist history. He had the press secretary say that Omarosa had very limited contact with Trump while on the job, and has zero contact with him now. That is far from the truth from the many media reports that stated Omarosa took advantage of the open door policy Trump had for her. She would deliberately find incendiary stories and headlines that besmirched Trump’s reputation, the media noted, which would light a powerful fuse in Trump’s brain, inciting him to go on his many Twitter rants during his first year in office. Notice that since Omarosa’s firing, there have been much fewer Twitter tirades from the president.

It was Trump’s chief of staff, General John Kelly, who came in and immediately ceased Omarosa’s unrestricted roaming through the Oval Office.

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