Learn more about rising singer Chozen

Learn more about rising singer Chozen
Photo courtesy of Justin Boswell

Born in Savannah, Georgia, but raised in Atlanta, Chozen is a triple threat who is determined to become a household name. The singer, songwriter and dancer recently relocated to Los Angeles, and with hard work, he has established relationships that have enhanced his music career.

Rolling out learned more about Chozen and his road to stardom.

At what moment did you know that performing was a true passion of yours?

I always knew that I wanted to be a singer since I was a kid. I used to sing to my older sister’s friends when they would come over to our home to get them to like me. Then when movies like You Got Served and Stomp The Yard came out and influenced the dancing craze phase, I figured I could add that to my skill set too. I didn’t want to be just a singer, I wanted to be an entertainer. That’s why artists like James Brown, Michael Jackson and Usher are all great at what they do. They don’t just get on stage and sing their songs. They give you an experience [throughout] the whole show.

Within a month of releasing your latest single “Bring It Back,” it has reached new markets. What are your goals and expectations for the record?

My new single has definitely taken my career to new heights in such a short amount of time. As I get ready to shoot and release the video for “Bring It Back” I can’t even imagine where this record will take me. I’m just enjoying the fact that people all over the world love the record and the response it gets in the clubs in other countries that don’t even speak English is dope.

Having toured with hip-hop icons like 2 Chainz and more, what city was your most memorable place to tour and why?

I would say Sacramento, California, was definitely one of the more memorable cities we did. The show was a sold-out crowd of around 2K people there so the vibe and atmosphere [were] dope. It also helped that I had already performed in Sacramento before opening for Migos and Sage The Gemini so the crowd was already familiar with me. They show love in Sacramento.

What’s something you want people to know about you as a thriving artist?

As an artist, I’ve had my share of disappointments and letdowns, but I stayed persistent and kept pushing toward my goals. In this industry, there will be plenty of “no’s” but you can’t let that stop you from chasing your dreams if you really believe in yourself.

Connect with Chozen on Instagram, @therealchozen or visit whoischozen.com.

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