Lanita Smith gives listeners a love letter

Photo Credit: Tae Nichol
Photo Credit: Tae Nichol

Lanita Smith is unapologetically rooted in authenticity. This Southern songbird is delivering an acoustic freshness that the world will soon adore. Smith is no stranger to music, in fact, she is a product of a musically inclined family. Looks like banging on the piano since the age of 4 and the loss of a mother is the perfect storm to breed a rhythmic symphony revolving around love.

What can listeners expect from your music?

A storyteller, feel-good acoustics, [a] [Tracy] Chapman meets John Mayer and John Legend type of vibe.

Who are your musical icons and why?

Hard to narrow down … Jessie J, John Mayor, India Arie, Ryan Tedder, Ester Dean, Colbie Caillat, Tracy Chapman.

How would you describe your fashion or sense of style?

Simple but classy. Stylish but still gives you a sense of home!

If you had three words of advice for a young Black female what would they be?

See it, speak it, write It, do it! (I know [that’s] more [than three] but it’s what I live by.)

What is your definition of Black girl magic?

The act of being unapologetically unique, bold, out the box, creative and a powerful being in your own right

What ignites your creative energy?

Being around other creatives, young people, being able to be the storyteller and most of all life. Life truly brings out the passion and makes my own music more heartfelt.

Photo Credit: Keith Evans
Photo credit: Keith Evans

Upcoming performances and tour dates

-My First Fridays – 7647 Hayvenhurst Ave. #31, (Van Nuys, California) 3/2 @ 9 pm

-BMI Acoustic Lounge – Genghis Cohen – 3/5 @ 6:30 pm

-Craft Factory – Riverside, California 3/11 5 pm-7 pm

-The Telegram Ballroom (Little Monarch) – 4/27 (Los Angeles)

-The Independent (Little Monarch) – 4/28 (San Francisco)

-Mississippi Studios & Bar Bar (Little Monarch) – 5/1 (Portland, Oregon)

-The Crocodile (Little Monarch) – 5/2 (Seattle)

-Artistik Lounge – Madison Dance Studio 1555 Madison, (Memphis, Tennessee) 8 pm (6/17)

Photo Credit: Tae Nichol
Photo credit: Tae Nichol



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