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Ludacris’ wife talks about pain of raising beautiful dark-skinned sister

Colorism in not just a repugnant, revolting disease that afflicts the Black community here in America. As Ludacris‘ wife, Eudoxie, indicates, the cultural malady is a pandemic that has long infected Africa and the rest of the dark-skinned nations worldwide.

Eudoxie, herself a caramel-coated cutie, admits that it has been a real struggle trying to persuade her brown-skinned family their deep melanin is beautiful instead of detestable. There was a recent Essence cover with the dark-skinned women of Black Panther that she says motivated her to share her testimony and now it has enlightened, educated and empowered her younger sister and others.

Eudoxie shared the Essence cover on her IG page and she captioned it with her poignant testimony and tribute to mahogany-hued folks in her family and across the globe:

“I grew up the only light person in my family. As a kid I struggled with that and wanted to be dark. As an adult I struggled teaching my mother, sisters, cousins, aunties… in Gabon how beautiful they are. They have all wanted to bleach their skin and for many years it has hurt me. I’ve explained to them that beauty has nothing to do with your skin complexion. I’ve even shown them very unattractive white people, and very unattractive light skin people just to deter them from bleaching.

My husband and I are raising my beautiful youngest sister @christella_mimi in a house full of light skin. Everyday I remind her of how beautiful, strong and smart she is. This image just brought tears to my eyes and empowered me. Thank you @essence For celebrating these beautiful black women. I will buy many copies and take them to Gabon with me this summer. This is the most beautiful cover I’ve seen. I see my grandmother, my mother, my sisters, aunts and cousins. ✊🏾 Black Panther movie is such an important movie for our culture and our kids. 🙏🏽

What do you think of Eudoxie’s powerful testimony?