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Jill Scott filmed herself in drunken stupor, crying, laughing (video)

What is really going on with our Jilly From Philly? We have beloved, award-winning, neo-soul songstress Jill Scott in an extremely inebriated state in a video that she produced and posted and that is burning up the internet?

Looks like whatever powerful adult concoction she was served took Scott way beyond her limits of sobriety, had her brain floating, and it produced a level of intoxication that is not a good look for regular folks — and most certainly not good optics for big time talent like Scott.

The video was created on Saturday night, Feb. 17. Scott, 45, hopped on her phone to share the kind of killer night she had that found her getting turned up a little bit too much.

“It started off so good,” she said in slightly slurred speech and looking disheveled. “And then, ‘Foo-fee’ gave me some more to drink and I drank it.”

“Uhhhhh, Saturday night,” she says as she laughs hysterically. It also appears that tears are streaming down from her right eye.

As they say on the block, “girl was gone.”

Many fans who saw the video were shocked and alarmed and wondered if something bad had happened to Scott. Some believed that the “Getting in the Way” singer was still reeling from the implosion of her marriage.

As most of her fans know, Scott’s soon-to-be officially divorced husband, Michael Dobson, whom she married in 2016, is now suing Scott for half a million dollars and wants the judge to throw out the prenuptial agreement he signed before they walked down the aisle.

Thankfully, come Sunday morning Scott let everyone know she’s okay. She says she just had a little bit “too much” fun.

The “Golden” singer must have went for “A Long Walk” and felt much better the next morning. She posted the above photo of her stunting in her car with some stunner shades with the inscription: “morning after. I’m blaming FU FE for another GREAT party. Relax sweethearts. I’m fine. Had too much of a great time. 😂😂😂😂.”

We join the rest of the Jilly from Philly Nation and exhale as everything is good with the soul queen.