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WTH?!? Terry Crews still has to pay the man who molested him

Photo credit: Instagram – @terrycrews

Think about this madness: Someone inappropriately touches a certain part of your body, specifically your sexual organs — and you are still made to pay that person anyway.

Despite divorcing himself from WME after he accused a company executive of sexually assaulting him, actor Terry Crews claims he’s still paying the agency.

“This is the deal. What’s so strange and crazy is that I’m still paying them. I go to work, and I still have to send a check to my molester,” the “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” star told reporters at Esquire’s 2018 Mavericks of Hollywood party Tuesday night.

“This is Hollywood, it is insane. I look at my bank statement, and I’m like, ‘Damn, this is the most wrong thing of all time.’ I’m calling it, I’m going to play this whole thing out. If I don’t get justice, nobody can,” added the star of Friday After Next, “Everybody Hates Chris,” and White Chicks.

Crews has accused Adam Venit of groping him at a party in 2016. He famously testified on social media that he was molested after the flood of female Hollywood stars accused the all-powerful Harvey Weinstein of sexual harassment and rape over the course of several decades.

“He’s basically staring at me and he’s sticking his tongue out and, you know, it’s overtly sexual kind of tongue move … it’s a party. It’s packed … I’m looking, is this a joke? I don’t understand. It was actually so bizarre. He keeps coming over to me. He comes over to me. I stick my hand out and he takes his hand and puts it and squeezes my genitals and I jump back like hey, hey and he’s like — he still is sticking his tongue out and all this stuff,” the actor said on “Good Morning America” in November.

Crews filed a lawsuit against Venit in December, seeking monetary and punitive damages for assault, battery, sexual battery, sexual harassment, gender violence and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Venit, who was briefly suspended for about a month from WME, filed a formal denial in court earlier in the month.