Ginalisa Montessoro shares 5 truths about Medicare and Medicaid

Ginalisa Montessoro shares 5 truths about Medicare and Medicaid
Ginalisa Montessoro (photo provided)

Ginalisa Montessoro, founder and CEO of Medicare and Medicaid Advisory Group, is a leading expert in raising awareness and educating people about their rights concerning Medicare and Medicaid. She helps young and old alike in understanding the system, then navigates clients through the system, untangling the web of government bureaucracy.

Navigating the complex Medicare and Medicaid application process may seem like a daunting task. Monterroso wants you to know that doesn’t have to be the case and she is the Medicare/Medicaid mythbuster who is dedicated to helping families determine whether they are eligible for federal financial healthcare assistance and guiding them through the application process step-by-step, making for a clear and easily understandable experience.

Monterroso has 20 years of experience in the specialized field of raising awareness and educating health institutions and people about Medicare and Medicaid.

5 Truths About Medicare/Medicaid That Most People Don’t Know:
1. Medicare pays up to 35 hours of free home-care for the elderly, or disabled.
2. Medicaid provides transportation to and from doctors appointment for their elderly and disabled.
3. Medicaid and Medicare provide a private duty nurse to assist with medications, wound care, and complex medical assistance at home.
4. Medicaid covers all dental treatments for the elderly and disabled.
5. Medicaid has contracted with private food vendors who will prepare and deliver meals freshly made to a senior citizen’s or disabled person’s home.

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