Bruno Martini goes from Disney teen to international superstar

Bruno Martini goes from Disney teen to international superstar
Photo courtesy of Bruno Martini

The craft of making music is in producer, songwriter and DJ Bruno Martini’s blood. His father planted his roots in music, and the Brazilian superstar has done the same. He’s laid his foundation through experiences with his own band, Disney, and now as a solo artist. Songs like “Hear Me Now,” and “With Me” have millions of views on every music platform and he’s worked with Timbaland on new music.

On his first instrument of choice and early experience with Disney:

“My dad gave me an acoustic guitar when I was 10 years old. I had a rock band when I was 13 and I signed a global deal with Disney California at 15 years old. I spent five years working with Disney. I had a TV show and I made soundtracks for their movies and tv shows.”

On differences between making music in America and Brazil:

“In Brazil, you have a mix of cultures and a wide variety of music. It’s the same way in America as well, but there are stark differences. I love the journey. I learn something new every day.”

On working with Timbaland:

“Timbaland and I started working together after he got in touch with my team. I was on tour, and I met him in Los Angeles. He listened to my song, “Living on the outside” and he loved it. Timbaland is my hero. I grew up listening to his music, so it was a dream come true for him and me to have worked together.”

On his thought process behind making a hit:

“I used to chase after hits. When you make music, a lot of people are involved, and these people give their opinion on the music. When I released my single, “Hear Me Now,” I wasn’t expecting it to be a hit at all. It was three people involved in the making of ‘Hear Me Now.’ We were having fun in the studio and we released the record. I don’t like to think about hits anymore because it takes away from the natural motion of making music. Ultimately, people are going to decide what they want to listen to, not the artists. I have to continue to make quality music for everyone to enjoy.”

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