Bobby V releases new album ‘Electrik’

Bobby V just released his eighth studio album, Electrik, and his new music is definitely giving us “old” Bobby vibes, with a brand-new sound. This thirteen track album includes an intro of Bobby V. asking his listeners “Are you ready?” while he serenades us with harmonized vocals, and an acoustic outro with repeated lyrics singing “you gotta believe” and “you gotta have a little faith.”

The R&B singer celebrated the release of his album in Atlanta with an album release party that allowed his fans to sample some of the songs off his new album such a “Lil’Bit” ft. Snoop Dogg, and jam out to some of his most popular throwbacks such as “Slow Down,” and “Tell Me.”

Bobby concluded the night by surprising his guests with two of the members from his old group Mista.

Electrik is now available everywhere.

Lauren Ashli
Lauren Ashli

I'm a passionate journalist with a love for storytelling through multimedia platforms. Just imagine the millennial version of Oprah, with an Issa Rae sense of humor. Throw in a sprinkle of Cardi B's energy, with a mood always on Beyonce. Follow my journey on Instagram @lauren.ashli

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