Jamaican-born construction worker a casualty of Miami bridge collapse

Navaro Brown (Facebook)

Bridge worker Navaro Brown, 37, is among the six victims of the fatal pedestrian bridge collapse in Miami on Thursday, March 15, 2018.

Michael Biesiada, a spokesman for Structural Technologies VSL, confirmed his death.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with Mr. Brown’s family and with the other affected employees,” he said. “We really appreciate the work of the first responders who immediately offered their help.”

A cousin, Appleonia Brown, who lives in Mocho, Clarendon, Jamaica posted, sentiments on her Facebook account.

“Varo you really gone??? S.I.P mi cuz gone way too soon.”

Her shock was compounded by grief as she reflected on another loss of a family member. She adds, “First my brother on the right…. now you Varo??? A hard working humble youth… r.i.p mi cuz.”

Two days before the bridge crumbled Miami, W. Denney Pate, an engineer for the company that designed it (FIGG Bridge Engineers) called a Florida Department of Transportation employee, warning of “some cracking.” And, according to CNN, he cited in the voicemail that there were no safety concerns on the project near Florida International University.

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