Business Mom Inc. helping moms become successful businesswomen

Business Mom Inc. helping moms become successful businesswomen
Photo courtesy of Business Mom Inc.

Motherhood is a full-time job. Running a business alongside raising a family can present unique challenges to entrepreneurial women. Whether through reading Dionna S. Walker’s book or attending a seminar, Walkers, company, Business Mom Inc., is helping mothers juggle family and business.

You’re a mother, what made you develop and launch Business Mom Inc.? 

I started Business Mom Inc. because I hate to choose between work and family. Moms are meant to be entrepreneurs! We are often too worried about everyone else that we forget to take care of ourselves! Being a business mom doesn’t mean I never have moments where I cry, stress, get angry, mess up or fail. It means I have only a few seconds to indulge in self-pity.

Your first published book was titled Diary of an Entrepreneur. What was the focus of the book? 

In the book Diary of An Entrepreneur, I illustrate my own struggles in business. I highlight how I have overcome my struggles and how I stay motivated as a businesswoman. I elaborate on the highs and lows of business and how to stay focused on the future and not on past hangups. As a successful businesswoman, I encourage others to foster relationships with others as a means to grow their business and brand.

Business Mom Inc. helping moms become successful businesswomen
Photo courtesy of Dionna S. Walker


Business Mom Inc. is growing. What can everyone look forward to this year for you and your company? 

We have a few seminars and webinars planned to help women jump-start their business. I plan to host conferences in Ohio, Georgia and Illinois to help other like-minded women who want to start a business. My company will teach these women how to start their own business as well as how to stay in business. I have a new book being released in May titled The Mommy Hustle. In this book, I elaborate on the ups and downs of juggling six kids and while maintaining a business.

What advice can you give to mothers looking to become entrepreneurs for the first time? 

There comes a time when you have to stop sleeping on yourself, stop settling, stop trying to fit in, and stop being afraid of the outcome, You must hold yourself accountable. Stop with the excuses and go after what you want. Unapologetically do what is best for you! Don’t let anyone tell you what you deserve, Don’t let anyone tell you what you can’t do. In this season, we are taking accountability seriously!

Where can our readers learn more about Business Mom Inc. as well as purchase Diary of an Entrepreneur

Diary of an Entrepreneur can be purchased directly from our website www.businessmominc. Stay up to date by subscribing to our email list for all upcoming events!

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