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Kroy Biermann blasts ‘RHOA’ cast; ‘where are their husbands?’

Kim and Kroy Biermann. [email protected]

Kroy Biermann finally clapped back after getting shade from the rest of the “Real Housewives Of Atlanta” cast members.

During the tumultuous “RHOA” reunion show, the other women were criticizing the fact that Biermann drives his wife, Kim Zolciak-Biermann, to most of her events, playing the role of a bodyguard.

It is not clear why the other women are concerned or pay attention to how much he shuttles his wife around — especially since he is a retired NFL player (he played for the Atlanta Falcons) and no longer has a job.

When he was approached backstage in New York City and asked by Bravo producers what he feels when the women bash him like that, Biermann was pensive but made his point clear.

“It’s hard for me to feel when they talk,” he deadpanned as his wife Kim cackled.

“My two cents are this: why not? I’m available,” Biermann continued. “I live a great life. And if I can spend my time with my wife, then why would I not? We go to dinner afterward, we run errands. If I’m available, why not? Why wouldn’t I do it for her, support her and be there for her? That’s what husbands are for.”

“Why wouldn’t he? He’s my husband. He’s my best friend,” Zolciak-Biermann, who was standing next to her husband, chimed in.

To which Biermann quipped, “Where are their husbands at?”

Zolciak-Biermann quickly answered, “they don’t know where their husbands are, maybe that’s why they are angry.”

Biermann added, “Maybe they hope that I’m a driver for hire.”

What do you make of this latest fracas? Were the housewives being petty and petulant for criticizing Biermann’s chosen post-professional career of driving his wife around?