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Reality TV » Princess tells Brandy to shut up after sending fake love to her unborn child

Princess tells Brandy to shut up after sending fake love to her unborn child

Singer Brandy. [email protected]

The beef brewing between Princess Love and her sister-in-law, singer Brandy, seems to be escalating, as the “Love and Hip Hop Hollywood” reality star recently took to Instagram to express how outraged she was with the singer’s “fake congratulations.”

The media reported that Brandy and her mother, Sonja Norwood, skipped out on Princess Love and Ray J’s baby shower allegedly due to the singer’s performance that same day elsewhere.

When wind of Brandy’s absence made its way online, the “Baby, Baby, Baby” singer is said to have taken pains to post a “congratulations” message on Instagram to Princess to try to prove that she’s definitely supportive of her brother Ray J and his wife — despite the reports that they are feuding behind the scenes.

Ray-J’s wife wasn’t standing for the alleged “fake-ness.” Princess put Brandy on full furnace blast by telling Brandy to keep her fake congratulations: “STFU posting this. I should post what you just text me,” she wrote under the post.

Media reports also stated that Brandy and her mother Sonja argued with Princess and Ray J just before the baby shower was supposed to go down. Brandy and Sonja decided to not to show up because Princess refused to back down — and Ray J, of course, backed up his wife.

Brandy’s post has since been deleted from her page as Princess’ statement was both scorching and damning.

What do you make of this situation?

As you ponder that question, you can enjoy a video that Ray J and his wife Princess have put together for their soon-to-be offspring. Hit the flip to check it out.

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