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The Game defends Fabolous’ family, and Twitter destroys him

The Game(Photo source: Instagram – @losangelesconfidential)

They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions. We don’t know what rapper The Game’s aim was when he hopped onto social media in an attempt to defend excoriated rapper Fabolous’ family against “culture vultures” who were, in his opinion, feasting on Fab’s misery in light of the felony charges of domestic violence and making terrorist threats against Emily B.

This is what The Game said when he entered a discussion on The Shade Room’s Instagram page:

The Game’s gesture did not go over well with social media users whatsoever, and they told him in many ways that Twitter did not allegedly knock out Emily B’s front teeth or threaten to gun down her father.

The blowback was fierce enough to peel off the tattoos on The Game’s face. Eventually, The Game had to mop up the mess he created with this statement on The Shade Room:


Black Twitter was not having it with The Game’s explanation and commenced to ripping into the rapper.