Millennial dream coach, Tiara LaRae Johnson, has helped build over 100 brands

Millennial dream coach, Tiara LaRae Johnson, has helped build over 100 brands
Dream coach Tiara LaRae Johnson (Photo credit: Sommer Nicole Photography)

Tiara LaRae Johnson is a millennial CEO, motivator and game-changer who’s passionate about using her skills to help other people accomplish their goals. When she was 21 years old, she created corporate marketing, branding and event planning firm TLJ Headlines. As an entrepreneur, she prides herself on strategically guiding people so that they can fulfill their purpose.  

Who is Tiara LaRae?
I strive to build a million dreamers through my dream mapping system and the TLJ Collection. I have coined the title “dream coach” for my passion to push people into their purpose. I have helped 100-plus brands execute their dreams. I am the co-founder of Brand Goals, where I work to build dreamers nationwide with a nationwide tour, local events and more. I am on a mission to fulfill purpose daily, from running multimillion-dollar units to working with local businesses. I know that all it takes is faith in God, belief in yourself and courage.

What is the TLJ Collection? What services do you provide?
The TLJ Collection is a collection of products that help people make their dreams come true. I have a process called the “dream map ” that helps people execute dreams through tangible action steps from seven days to one year. I provide dream coaching and brand management. I help people go from ideas to execution and hold them accountable for making their dreams come true. Once people get to the execution stage, I manage the operations of their brand develop into a business.

What inspired you to create your business?
I wanted to help people start dreaming and start doing. It is so many people that will die and not live their dreams. There was a need to get people to take action on their dreams.

What is the 21 Day Dream challenge?
It takes 21 days to make a habit. I created the 21-day dream challenge as a boot camp to help people make their dreams come true. It begins at the first of every month. It has been very successful, people have gotten logos, planned events filed LLC’s and more.

What does it mean to you to be a millennial CEO and motivator?
There is so much bad “stigma” on being a millennial, I wanted to bring some light on the title and let people know we work hard too and we make things happen. The motivator came easily because I love motivating people. I feel like anyone can do anything they put their mind to, they just need a little push.

What advice do you have for other young girls and women pursuing their passions?
Have strong faith. Once you understand your purpose and trust God, you are destined for greatness. Have a bounce backbone. Life is hard. Keep going; you will win. Dreams don’t work unless you do. Stop thinking. Start doing. You are the only one stopping you. Don’t let finances hold you back. Talk to everyone and be nice, because you never know what someone is going through.

What are your thoughts on #collaborationovercompetition?
Collaboration is super important in building a brand or business because you will need people and resources. There is power in teams. You need to have people around you that are strong in your weak areas. I don’t believe you have to compete. Your dream is unique to you. No one could ever take what you have been blessed with so it’s OK to share knowledge.

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