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Review: Is Deva Curl making wash day easier?

Deva Curl model (Photo Credit- Deva Curl)

For a woman with textured, kinky or curly hair, wash day can be a burden. Prepping hair, detangling, washing, deep conditioning, and styling are each time-consuming. Many women (including this writer) are looking for products to make hair maintenance a seamless process instead of one they dread weekly.

Deva Curl is helping women love and embrace their curly hair, and has been since 1994. I was first introduced to their products and technique in 2013, and have been using their products ever since I was in high school. The company opened its first salon in New York with its signature Deva Cut. The Deva Cut is a specialized curly haircut that works to shape and frame the face by cutting each individual curl. They soon began producing curly hair products that are sulfate, paraben, and silicone free.

Deva Curl just released a new product, Wash Day Wonder Pre-cleanse Slip Detangler, that is supposed to make detangling effortless and reduce breakage. This product is being promoted by the hashtag #ownwashday. Wash Day Wonder contains all natural ingredients: saffron flower extract, pracaxi oil, and natural sugar-based technology. I was excited to try the product, to see if it lived up to the hype. Read on as I break down the ins and outs of this product.

The product is applied after the hair is completely wet, then it is used to detangle the curls. After application of the product, my hair instantly felt moisturized and my hands could easily separate strands. The watery gel consistency provided a lot of slip. As a woman with dry, curly hair, I appreciated the glycerin base of this product that added moisture before shampooing. The product smelled amazing, lightly tropical, but not overwhelming. I noticed that I had a lot less shedding while using this product. It made my wash day a lot easier when I started with detangling my hair first. I can tell that the pracaxi oil and saffron flower extract provided silkiness and shine to my hair.

The Deva Curl Wash Day Wonder product lived up to its name and branding. The products met my needs for detangling and enabled me to own wash day.

Deva Curl (Photo Credit- Deva Curl)