Azealia Banks claims she was drugged and raped

Azealia Banks claims she was drugged and raped
Azealia Banks – (Photo Credit: Eddy “Precise” Lamarre)

There is troubling news from rapper Azealia Banks if fans are to believe her recently deleted social media posts. Banks posted to her Instagram account, “Lowkey just got raped. I feel like dirt.”

Soon afterward, she posted a dark video where a distraught Banks claimed she was given the drug Rohypnol, a powerful sedative known also as a “roofie,” the date rape drug.

Banks said in the video:

“I just feel so dirty and stupid right now, you know? We were just hanging out and one thing led to another. I just feel really dumb, because it was partially my fault… I’m just like sitting here like feeling f****** low and s***… I just want to f****** disappear right now.”

“I just feel really bad. I don’t think I’m going to be putting out more music…Like I just want to take some time…and figure out what just happened.””‘You don’t really realize it like this rape sh-t. Men can just prey on you and f——-g like badger you, force you to say yes… to the point where you feel like you gave consent but you didn’t give sh-t. You never wanted to do sh-t and you’re just there feeling f—–g powerless. Someone really just got the f—–g best of me….I’m gonna take down all of my accounts because I’m just like embarrassed. I just feel like really broken down and feel like rebuilding myself as an artist. I don’t know how to face y’all.”

Banks does not mention if she filed a police report.

Before the video and posts were taken down, someone posted the video of Banks on YouTube.  It can be seen below:

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