Rules don’t apply: Americans filed taxes on time while Trump files extension

Rules don't apply: Americans filed taxes on time while Trump files extension

Photo source: Facebook – Donald J. Trump

Once Americans have emptied their pockets for the latest gadgets and late-night infomercial splurges during the holiday season, many are at ease knowing that tax season is just around the corner. What many choose to do with that extra money is a matter of choice and discretion but it is common knowledge that missing the tax deadline could cost you a pretty penny or at the very least cause a massive headache. It seems, however, that there is at least one American out there who needed more time to file his taxes and that is none other than our dear president, Donald Trump.

In his second time filing an extension since taking office, Trump will file his taxes by the extension deadline of Oct. 15, 2018. White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was quick to defend the president, comparing him to other Americans who have “complex returns” that require more time.

For a man who is thunderously loud when posting to Twitter, the president is markedly private and reserved concerning his tax returns and will likely refuse to release his 2017 tax returns to the public. One should expect the unexpected when it comes to our current president as his refusal to release his tax returns flies in the face of decades of tradition and largely adds to the American public’s waning trust of him. It is also worth noting that one of his early campaign promises was to release his tax returns to the public. But is it fair for the American public to hold every politician morally responsible for making good on campaign promises? Similarly, given the massive workload, appearances, and foreign affairs meetings that inevitably comprise Trump’s schedule, should we cut him some slack? Time management must be the key to handling such a seemingly insurmountable workload but if the long list of American presidents before him could do so, including releasing tax returns, then Trump should meet the same expectation.

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