How Bill Cosby brought his own rope to a celebrity lynching

How Bill Cosby brought his own rope to a celebrity lynching

Finally, the Bill  Cosby sex assault trial is over and the comedy icon is officially a sex offender. At the start of the trial, rolling out published the story “Bill Cosby retrial: Will testimony from White victims mean jail?” and some felt the title was inappropriate. But the title reflected that the justice system seems to hold greater weight to the testimony of white women when a Black man is accused of rape. So it is the same with Bill Cosby.

Some have even responded that the whole thing was a setup and Cosby was targeted because of his plans to buy an NFL team as well as the TV network NBC. Even after his conviction, there are those who feel Cosby should not have been brought to trial because the incident with Andrea Constand occurred more than ten years ago. In fact, the victims of Cosby’s previous episodes of sexual debauchery were portrayed to be money grabbers and women of ill repute whose testimony should no longer count because they were assaulted decades ago.

This type of thinking is tragic on so many levels because it represents the willing suspension of disbelief of the fact that Cosby is a sexual predator. The mindset that just because Cosby made people laugh, gave them a positive TV role model, and was a philanthropist he could never commit such crimes is false. The facts are from Cosby’s own mouth where he gave a deposition well over ten years ago. Transcripts of those depositions show that Cosby knowingly gave women drugs and alcohol as a prelude to sex. Prior to any of these accusations coming out in the media, there was an infamous video interview with Cosby on the “Larry King Show” where they joked about putting a drug known as Spanish fly, in a woman’s drink to make her ready for sex.

But the real story for many is the message that is being sent in the age of Trump. That as a Black man your power and wealth will not protect you as it will Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, Matt Lauer or Donald Trump. Let’s all remember Bill Cosby did this to himself.

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