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Music » TMZ staffer blasts Kanye West on ‘slavery was a choice,’ Twitter rejoices

TMZ staffer blasts Kanye West on ‘slavery was a choice,’ Twitter rejoices

Kanye West. Photo credit: Facebook/Kanye Omari West

Without too much conjecture, Kanye West has clearly become dangerous. He is not a danger to himself, at least not yet, but he is insidious to the rest of the dark-skin nation that has to live under the odious consequences that come when a narcissistic, mentally-misshapen man spews repellent garbage out of his mouth with aplomb and in accordance with the tyrannical oppressor.

These are the classic conversations that conservatives love to hear in order to place blame on the oppressed, while simultaneously absolving the oppressors from any accountability for the assortment of atrocities they’ve perpetrated against Blacks and the rest of humanity for centuries.

But the idea that slavery was a choice is perhaps the most repugnant and alarming statement he’s made so far since returning to Twitter after his mental breakdown two years ago.

TMZ reporter Van Lathan was, thankfully, in the house to gather West and drag him off the set. And the best thing thing is that Lathan delivered the parental-type tongue lashing with love and honesty.

If you missed the momentous moment, check it out below, beginning with West’s nonsensical assertion:

Twitter gave Van Lathan a rousing, roof-rattling ovation for calmly and systematically dissecting West’s preposterous belief that slavery for Black Americans was a choice.

In the aftermath of Lathan peeling West’s scalp, social media practically threw Lathan a parade for his eloquent clap-back: