Spring fever of bigotry: Man verbally assaults Black woman (video)

Spring fever of bigotry: Man verbally assaults Black woman (video)
Racist man on IRR train in New York (Image Source: Aneesa Janat Rafeek/Facebook)

There is something terribly wrong in America today that seemingly blossomed with spring. Last month, multiple videos on social media and stories that hit the national news wire showed outrageous examples of racist behavior towards Blacks. The shocking thing about these displays of hate was the ease and comfort the perpetrators showed in their attacks. In some instances, hourly wage employees of national franchises overstepped their bounds and summoned police to enforce their racist mentality.

It’s May,  and next month will be the start of the summer protest and civil disturbance season as an uneasy feelings build on the streets of America that something is getting ready to happen. There has been an increase in White supremacist activities that include mass shootings of innocent victims of color. But it is rare that these incidents are being called hate crimes. Rather, they are always portrayed as the actions of a mentally unstable individual. On social media, many activists are spreading the word that the injustice cannot continue.

The latest example of virulent racism was shared by Aneesa Janat Rafeek, who posted the following encounter to Facebook:

Hey MTA LIRR, this man terrorizes your minority train riders on the 9:53PM Penn to Long Beach. I spoke with a friend who had a similar experience with the same man. This went on for more than ten minutes until he finally went to another train car.


An African American woman was behind him speaking on the phone (not loudly in my opinion as I was sitting only diagonally from him and could not hear her). He started off my mumbling under his breath and then escalated to yelling at her about being a loud mouth b!tch. When another young woman, also black, stood up for her, he continued to yell and then call them Monkeys. What this video does not show – him getting up to get in the young women’s face to scream at her more. It was honestly so disgusting to witness.  Say what you want in regards to “both” sides being ignorant and needing to be quiet. Have someone start yelling profanities at you for being ‘loud’ and see how you react.

This video is not NSFW.



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