UF apologizes for White professor shoving Black students offstage at graduation

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Racist White America loves calling African Americans lazy, listless, unmotivated, uncouth, uneducated and host of other derogatory names.

But when a group of Black students actually counter the odious stereotypes and graduate from a prestigious institution, such as the University of Florida, one of their White staffers can’t control his urge to shame them and manhandle them because they took a fraction of a second too long to celebrate their momentous achievement with their family and friends.

University of Florida President Kent Fuchs is issuing an apology for the White man who was very aggressive with members of the 2018 graduating class. He has yet to be identified.

“In general, I don’t think I’ve ever been handled in that manner, not even by my parents,” Oliver Telusma told “Good Morning America” today. “It’s kind of embarrassing, kind of degrading.”

Social media was in a tizzy after videos were posted from graduates who pointed out how the faculty member pushed college seniors offstage as their names were called during commencement.

Another student, Nafeesah Attah, told “GMA” that the dances were simply expressions of joy that are rooted to their fraternities and sororities. She said the response of the white usher who grabbed her “was not arbitrary.”

“It was definitely contingent on your race… other white students who were dancing were not perceived as a threat,” Attah said.

Attah, who had family members come from as close as Florida and as far as London, was particularly humiliated, saying it was hard for her younger sister to witness the spectacle.

“I kind of planned what I wanted to do on stage to celebrate my story, all of my hard work I’d done at the University of Florida,” Attah said.

“I tried to do one of my stroll moves, but I was instantly like blocked by one of the officials on stage and they aggressively pushed me off the stage after that,” she added. “So I was definitely disappointed they took that moment from me because I can only get my bachelors once.”

This is pathetic that the Black students’ special moment was sullied by a slimy, sick faculty member.

Check out the episode from another angle:

Terry Shropshire
Terry Shropshire

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