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Talking Dutch Masters and hip-hop with rapper Jartist

Photo source: IG – @i_amjartist

We are talking hip-hop with a few of Dutch Masters’ featured artists. Dutch Masters has showcased some of the hottest MCs in the game such as Young Jeezy, Fuzzy Navel and more.

Rolling out had the opportunity to chat with rapper Jartist, who is also a host for Takeover Movement Radio, about hip-hop and his top producers of all time.

Dutch Masters’ cigars are classy smokes made from premium quality, hand-picked tobacco leaves. Dutch Masters is known for delivering great hip-hop shows with a dope ambiance and leaving attendees wanting more.

Who are the top artists you are checking for right now?

Migos, Young Jeezy [and] Moneybagg Yo.

Name two new artists you listen to.

Jay Spaz [and] Jabbo Baby.

What are your thoughts on Dutch Masters cigars? 

I like them; they are smooth and slow burning.

What’s your favorite drink?

Honey Jack and Coke.

Top lyricists in the game?

Kendrick [Lamar], J. Cole [and] Nas.

Top producers of all time?

Nas. Nas has that old-school feel with a realistic approach that comes together and [is] one as a people type of vibe

If you had an opportunity to work with any producer, who would it be?

Dr. Dre, no question.

How do you get into your creative zone?

First thing I do is roll up to get into my creative space — then I meditate, without that, I’m not functioning. Everything else just comes together. A true artist can create anything they desire. Don’t limit yourself.

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word hustle? 

Doing anything that it takes in my liking that I can use to get going on securing that bag. You can pick up so many crafts but you gotta know what to do with it.

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