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‘This is Nigeria’ by rapper Falz shows duality of violence in Africa

Falz performs in “This is Nigeria” (Image Source: Screenshot from twitter/ @falzthebahdguy)

Ever since Childish Gambino dropped his video “This is America,” there have been many who have attempted to copy and in some cases subvert its message. However, the Nigerian rapper Falz, real name Folarin Falana, has taken the concept behind the video and applied it to circumstances in Nigeria.

Falz’s interpretation shows how much more Black Americans and Nigerians have in common than the color of their skin. There is great wealth in Nigeria controlled by Black hands, just like here in America. But there is also great violence in Nigeria and like in America it is also controlled by Black hands. In the video, the dancers are dressed in hijabs, as a reminder of the girls kidnapped in mass from villages by the forces of the Islamic militant group Boko Haram. It also serves as a startling reminder of the missing Blackgirls in the United States. But unlike their Nigerian counterparts, there is no international outcry of  #BringBackOurGirls.

The video even shows police violence and a glimpse into Black affluenza in Nigeria, as a father bribes cops and escorts his son away from a potential police beating. It should be noted that Falz is doing more than just copying a video. He is also showing the power of the education that was given to him by his parents. His mother is Nigerian women’s rights activist Funmi Falana and his father is Femi Falana, a Nigerian lawyer, and human rights activist. It is his father who does the voiceover in the beginning of the song, which speaks of the consequences of rampant corruption and exploitation.

The video can be seen below: