How you can help Ju’Nea Turner, single mom assaulted by her boss over $8.47

How you can help Ju'Nea Turner, single mom assaulted by her boss over $8.47
Ju’Nea Turner, age 23, a single mom assaulted and fired by her boss for an $8.47 refund (Photo Credit: Mo Barnes)

Last week, rolling out was the first media outlet to have an exclusive interview with Ju’Nea Turner, a single Black mom violently assaulted and injured by her immigrant Korean boss over an $8.47 refund to a customer. She was unjustly fired and soon became another victim of people who feel they can assault and harass Black people in the era of Trump. The fallout from the assault has had a devastating effect on Ju’Nea and her children. She is now turning to the public and readers of rolling out for help.

Ms.Turner life as a single mom is not easy, Can you please tell our readers at what age did you become a mom?

I became a mom to first son Ronald JR at 16 years of age.

Having a child at a young age can often derail dreams. But that does not mean dreams have to stop. What are our ultimate goals for yourself?

My ultimate goals are to go back to school to receive my high school diploma and go to college. I would love to join the Navy.

You suddenly have found yourself as part of the social media viral video phenomena. What was your reaction when you found out that your story had become viral?

I was very shocked but also glad that word got out and everyone was informed of the horrible way I was treated. I’m very embarrassed also because there is nowhere I can go and not be recognized.

How are your kids reacting to the coverage?

My oldest son is very sad and angry at the same time because he’s too young to protect his mom. My second son is only 2 years old so he really doesn’t understand

Have you received any hateful messages regarding this encounter?

Yes. I have received hateful comments via social media, everyone has their own opinions to which they are entitled to. Nobody really knows or can say unless they’re put in that same position though

You no longer have a job. What impact has this had on your life?

I’m currently unemployed and it’s taking a very big toll on my life, I’m about to lose my only transportation, can’t afford daycare fees, can’t pay my bills, can’t buy my son any pull-ups, can’t take care of my kids the way they are used too. I have to constantly tell them no because I don’t have it, which makes me feel less of mom.

I also am currently uninsured because my car insurance was due. Even though I have to find work, I don’t feel comfortable as of now trying to work for someone else who may also take advantage of me nor do I have the strength to be able to go through this situation again with someone else.

Ms. Turner did not deserve to be treated this way. She is the mother of two beautiful boys ages 7 and 2. Her bills and summer expenses for her sons are building up. If you can help her during this tough time she would really appreciate it. Any amount can help. She is also asking for prayers.

To help Ju’Nea Turner, a single Black mom in desperate need please visit her gofundme page by clicking the link below:

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