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Zaytoven talks trap music and breaks down his new album, ‘Trap Holizay’

Zaytoven has been on the Atlanta rap scene for over a decade now. As a producer, he’s credited with creating the signature trap sound native to the South. The hit beatmaker recently dropped his debut album, Trap Holizay. The tracklist features many industry heavy hitters.

On the latest episode of “Live Album Review,” Zaytoven sits down with rolling out to discuss his new album and the state of trap music.

The producer talks about why he chose his right-hand man to introduce him on the album:

“I needed somebody to talk about me and introduce me to the world, and who else better than Gucci Mane. This is the man I came in the game with.”

Talking about the evolution of trap music, he adds that all the songs recognized as trap have been created to mimic that sound that he and Gucci developed in the beginning:

“I think that the sound that the world knows as trap music is the sound that Gucci and I created.”

When asked about the future of trap music, he shares that he thinks trap music will move in a new direction:

“It’s still going to be hard-hitting trap drums, jumping music, but at the same time, it’s going to be a lot of melodies and musicians coming. They may have some live guitars, and things of that nature implemented into the trap music.”

The beatmaker talks about his success and authenticity and how he separates himself from others:

“The reason I still go play the organ at church every Sunday and dedicate my talents to God first is because I feel like that’s the reason why I’m who I am today.