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J Prince goes beyond Drake, Pusha T and tells story of money, rap and success

Photo: Diwang Valdez via J Prince

J Prince recently released his memoir, The Art & Science of Respect. In the book, Prince shares his story of how he became one of the most successful moguls in hip-hop history despite growing up poor in Houston.

Prince recently sat down with rolling out to share his thoughts on Drake, Pusha T and the art of making your first million dollars.

On starting Rap-A-Lot Records:

“I named the company Rap-A-Lot because my little brother used to be in my ear rapping a lot. I told him to come with me because I didn’t want him to get into any trouble in the streets. So I took him under my wing and named the label after him. His name was Sir Rap-A-Lot. ‘Making Trouble’ was the first song on the label.”

On ending the Drake and Pusha T beef:

“Number one being it crossed the line of music. And when the line is crossed, it is out of the power of the artist at that point because one day they are going to cross paths. And when someone throws fertilizer on to the situation, that’s where funerals happen. So I decided to jump in before it escalated.”

On Tekashi69 and social media trolls:

“For this guy y’all call a troll, I call it campaigning. And when you keep campaigning on people’s lives, eventually you’re going to get elected and election day is coming for him.”

Steps to starting a business empire:

Step one on starting a business is to get an attorney so that you’ll be protected. Get one that specializes in what you’re doing. Do not get a foot doctor if your heart is hurting … go to a heart doctor.

How to make $1M and keep it:

“When you make your first $1 million, invest it into your company. Keep investing and keep sacrificing until you’re able to put your company on autopilot without it falling apart.”