Beauty in the Basement: Deezy and @StylesByNuk on natural hair and makeup

Host Deezy with Guest Hairstylist, @StylesByNuk. Steed Media.

Host Deezy welcomes @StylesByNuk, professional hairstylist, to rolling out’s Beauty in the Basement to talk about how the hair and beauty industry go hand-in-hand.

As a professional hair stylist and a natural hair specialist, Nuk goes above and beyond to encourage clients to take care of their own natural hair.

She believes that embracing your natural hair is the door to confidence. Nuk also considers herself a color specialist and silk press enthusiast. Many clients leave her salon, Salon 215 Elite, feeling like a new person.

@StylesByNuk and Deezy agreed that certain hairstyles and hair colors can make it appear as if a client has on little makeup. Deezy added that certain makeup looks can also accent certain hair colors, such as using a bronzer when you have blonde hair. Click the video below for more.

To get more tips from Deezy and special guests in the beauty industry, be sure to tune in to Beauty in the Basement every Wednesday at 11 a.m. ET via Instagram and Facebook live.

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