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Brian E. Sibley on building your network for success

Photo credit: Jason T

Brian E. Sibley is the chief executive officer of Iconic Moves, Powerful Transitions. He is a former Navy man, motivational speaker, professional entertainer, mentor and host. The Chicago native is dedicated to being a great role model. He is an entrepreneur creating a movement to change the world.

How do you utilize your knowledge to benefit and inspire others? 

Recently, I am starting to be sought after as a commencement speaker for different educational facilities and schools and I am very excited about it. I definitely know how to tailor my speech[es] toward real-life accounts of adversity and hardship that will help the listeners and audience persevere. I take great pride in passing on vital information about the world and the way it works to the ones who have yet to experience it.

If you were giving a speech to young men, what would you title it and why?

There is irony in this question because I actually just led and facilitated my very own workshop [with] over 100 male students from the surrounding Los Angeles and Long Beach areas at the third annual Male Summit held at Long Beach City College. The title of my workshop was “Orange Is Not My Black” and that would also be the title of my speech.

Two iconic people who inspire you and why. 

One of the most iconic human beings that inspires me would be former President Barack Obama. I love running across some of the older photos of Barack when he was just aspiring to be great. Few and far between actually ever get to reach our full potential. I see myself replicating his entire balance of life and determination to not only rule with power but also with poise. The other human being that inspires me is American businessman and investor Daymond John. He comes from the inner-city of Brooklyn, New York, and was born with a severe learning disorder known as dyslexia. He has never given up on himself and by being resilient in his passion, [he has become] one of the most influential and wealthiest Black men alive today.

Please share the evolution of your brand and purpose. 

The evolution of ICPT has been great and will only continue to grow and be Bigger than Life. In 2012, one early morning in San Diego at around 3 am is when the words first popped into my head and now it is a fully functioning legitimate company. Sometimes I reflect on going back to Youtube and seeing some of my very first interviews. Throughout the interview, you can hear me referencing the brand and the world kind of bypassing what I have actually spoken into existence. We have expanded by aligning ourselves to high profile events throughout the U.S., we now have an online marketplace where consumers can visit to read more about the company and purchase official merchandise, and also sponsoring many events where that places our logo on the media wall of some of the biggest red carpet ceremonies.

How do you build your network for success? 

Starting out, I could not find the necessary and willing team members to grasp the vision. Therefore, because I am self-motivated, the sweat equity and wherewithal came from staying focused and determined. There are now four dedicated team members that make up the identity of Iconic Moves, Powerful Transitions — Jay Wils (COO), Kenyetta Wilson (company adviser), Jason T. (videographer), Karen Wilson (PR Chicago) and I am very blessed to have them on this journey to success! You build your business by operating by business ethics and practices that yield success. If you all move as a team, then you already have the formula known as camaraderie which equals success.

How do you use technology to organize your life?

I use technology in all types of different ways, but when it comes to organization I am old school. Each and every year on my birthday (which is in November) or a week before the new year I already have my brand-new planner and [I’m] ready to fill it up. However, it is very useful for smartphones allowing your emails to be synced right to your screen. I think [that] feature allows you the freedom of not having to transport a laptop everywhere that you decide to go.

What two moments in your life changed you the most? 

The two moments in my life that changed me the most was when I first incorporated my company just years ago Iconic Moves, Powerful Transitions, thinking like a CEO and actually being a CEO has allowed me to gain tremendous amounts of confidence such as when taking on corporate meetings to discuss strategic partnerships as well as looking the part in regard to attire choices.

How do you feed your mind and soul?

Hmmm, this is an interesting question. Daily I listen to music, daily I pray, and daily I set goals to mold this dream into a reality. I study other elite and successful individuals and it keeps the momentum alive for me. My mind is already thinking about the next five years from now so it’s all about setting realistic immediate goals, once you knock those out, you’ll be closer to your long-term goals.