Video of cop pulling gun on unarmed man in wheelchair goes viral

Screenshot of a wheelchair-bound man in police encounter (Image source: YouTube screenshot )

A viral video of a police officer pulling his gun on an unarmed man in a wheelchair is going viral.  The video is titled “Trigger happy cop pulls gun on man in wheelchair” although no one is shot in the video.

The unidentified officer suddenly pulls his gun on a man and issues a command to back up. There are other officers present but they do not seem worried. Someone behind the wheelchair-bound man is filming the encounter and seems to be saying we have nothing in our hands.

There is no word yet on where the encounter took place, the identity of the victim or what police department the officers belong to. The video can be viewed below and contains graphic language.

Mo Barnes
Mo Barnes

"Mo Betta" Maurice "Mo" Barnes is a graduate of Morehouse College and Political Scientist based in Atlanta. Mo is also a Blues musician.

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