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News2 » Tekashi69 hospitalized after being robbed and kidnapped at gunpoint for this

Tekashi69 hospitalized after being robbed and kidnapped at gunpoint for this

Tekashi69. Photo: [email protected]

Controversial rapper Tekashi69 was reportedly hospitalized this past weekend after being robbed, kidnapped and pistol-whipped at his home in Brooklyn.

There are conflicting versions of what transpired: the story that was shared with the media and the version Tekashi gave police officers. What is not contested is the fact that Tekashi was ambushed, kidnapped, knocked unconscious with a handgun and robbed of hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of property and money from his home in New York.

Sources close to the rapper told TMZ Tekashi69 was in the driveway of his NYC home Sunday morning around 4 a.m. after filming a music video. A car carrying three hooded men blocked him in, preventing Tekashi’s escape, and the robbers dashed from their vehicle, pistol-whipped Tekashi and knocked him out.

When Tekashi reportedly came to, he was in the back of a strange car whose three occupants made it clear that Tekashi was going to be murdered if he refused to give up his money and jewelry. They went back to Tekashi’s home and, as one man stayed with Tekashi in the getaway car, the other two gunmen went into the rapper’s home and stole $750K worth of jewelry and between $15K-$20K in cash.

According to TMZ, Tekashi’s baby mama and daughter were in the home at the time of the heist but escaped the violent episode unscathed.

After the robbery was complete, TMZ reports the three gunman drove away from the home, but kept Tekashi69 in the backseat. There is no indication if the men were going to murder Tekashi eventually or let him go at a destination.

At some point during the drive away from the home, Tekashi executed his getaway by opening the back door and dashing out.

Battered, bloodied and bruised, Tekashi then flagged down a passerby who helped him contact 911 and he was rushed to the emergency room of a local hospital. Tekashi was treated for his wounds and the doctors reportedly performed a cat scan to check out the severity of his head injury.

Tekashi told police something entirely different as to how he got robbed. Before he quit talking and refused to cooperate with investigators, Tekashi reportedly told authorities that he was the victim of a “ram and grab.” That means as he was riding in a Chevy Tahoe and waiting at a red light, the perpetrators purposely rammed the SUV from behind.

Two gunmen reportedly dashed from their vehicle, came to Tekashi’s SUV and stole the driver’s cell phone before grabbing Tekashi.

Whatever version is to be believed, the point of the matter is the three men got into Tekashi’s house where they got away with very expensive personal items and cash. Tekashi doesn’t indicate to the police how he escaped or how he got to the hospital.

Since his release, Tekashi got on social media and jokingly commented on a social media post that Nicki Minaj shared promoting their new music. He also asked the Pink Barbz if she still loved him after he got robbed.

This has not been a good July for Tekashi. Earlier this month, Tekashi was arrested over the 2017 choking a 16-year-old in Texas.