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Alabama woman brutalized by cops in Waffle House sentenced to jail

Chikesia Clemons. Photo: [email protected]

Chikesia Clemons got slammed as hard in the courtroom as she did in that infamous Alabama Waffle House.

Clemons is the Black Alabama woman who was savagely body-slammed to the ground by cops and arrested at the Waffle House near Mobile, Alabama, in April, exposing her breasts in the process. Celmons has been found guilty of disorderly conduct and resisting arrest, reported.

And here’s the most outlandish part: the police officers’ excessive use of force exposed Chikesia Clemons so that she was half naked on video and they also threatened to break her arm. Yet, she is the one who was sentenced to 10 days in jail.

The ruling came down from Mobile County Judge Mark Erwin, who deliberated over the case and determined “…the facts of the case met the legal definitions required to find a person guilty.”

For her national humiliation and being subjected to subhuman treatment, Clemons is now forced to pay $400 in fines, plus incur court costs, and was sentenced to 10 days in jail, according to local station WRKG.

The caveat is that the jail sentence is suspended pending one year of informal probation.

National furor erupted after the woman became upset over being charged for plastic utensils. After Waffle House employees called police, the situation quickly escalated immediately, with the video showing her being manhandled by three Saraland police officers wrestling Clemons to the ground as they try to arrest her. During the scuffle, her dress slipped and exposed her breasts.

During the arrest, one of the officers can be heard in the viral video threatening to break her arm.

Waffle House supported its employees and denounced Clemons as a drunk who refused to leave after threatening its employees.

A petition containing over 50K signatures was circulated to the Saraland district attorney before the trial. It demanded the charges against Clemons be dropped. It did not work. According to, charges of harassment were dismissed after an alleged victim failed to report to court.

After Monday’s ruling, Clemons tweeted she was filled with “rage and anger.”

Clemons and her attorney are reportedly going to appeal the decision.

What do you make of this latest example of police brutality and Waffle House co-signing the officers’ unnecessary use of force on a single woman?