‘Mission: Impossible – Fallout’ stars discuss Tom Cruise, fight scenes and stunts

Mission: Impossible – Fallout raked in nearly $7 million for Paramount this past Monday, after earning an additional $17 million on Sunday. The impressive opening week numbers brought the film’s total domestic earnings to a whopping $68 million. It’s no surprise why fans are lining up loyally to see the sixth Mission: Impossible film. With dangerous stunts that are seemingly humanly impossible, action-packed and daredevilish scenes that leave you gasping for your breath, and kick-ass fight techniques performed by none other than Tom Cruise, fans are getting their money’s worth. We sat down with actors Henry Cavill and Simon Pegg to talk about the practicality of the stunts and how helpful Tom Cruise is while on set.

Mike Melendy

Cinematographer, photographer, and camera professional from San Francisco, California based in Hollywood.

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