Win the Day creator Marcus Rosier reveals how he motivates others and himself

Win the Day creator Marcus Rosier reveals how he motivates others and himself
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Marcus Y. Rosier possesses many titles. So instead of being recognized by a title, he prefers to live by a mission. Rosier says it is his life mission is to inspire others to live a life of true wealth. A three-time author, international speaker and life transformation coach, Rosier wrote the book titled Win the Day to help readers achieve their maximum potential.

Rolling out caught up with Rosier to discuss what motivates him to inspire others.

How do you utilize your knowledge to benefit and inspire others?

I use my personal experiences, weaknesses and failures as a lesson to inspire.

If you were to give a speech to young men, what would the title of your speech be and why?

Win the Day! We all have a disrespectful view of time and very little value for the progress we can make in a day. I would emphasize how important it is to start where you are with what you have. Think about the future, but don’t use it as a crutch to disrespect today and not take action …

What two quotes do you use to motivate yourself and others?

“Your life will eventually arrive where your mind frequently visits.”

There is nothing more powerful than the mental blueprint a person has for their life.

“It’s better to give a full no than a half yes. Only what you 100 percent commit to will give you 100 percent return.”

Name two iconic humans who have inspired you or currently inspire you. Why?

It’s a weird combo, but it’s who I am. Sean “Diddy” Combs and Bishop T.D. Jakes.

I love anybody who built something from nothing and has sustainability.

Both are extremely focused and took one industry and diversified themselves within it, building something that has outlived anyone else in their industry. I am constantly inspired by both of them daily for many reasons from business, to faith, cultural impact, and longevity. Both of them are my mental mentors.

Please share the evolution of your brand and purpose.

I’ve never considered myself a brand. I just knew all my life I wanted to do something that served people and outlived me. What is now my brand was just an idea I worked on every day; it turned into a business, books, online community, and so much more. My brand is a life practice that anyone can follow and apply to their lives to increase their personal value, professional success and daily productivity.

How do you build your network for success? 

Never see people as an opportunity to get what you want, but as people to learn from and partner with. [There’s] a big difference in perspective. You have to value relationships. I have learned to categorize people: client, charity or friend. Clients pay for my services, a charity I chose, and friends, the relationship is reciprocal. Each person has a lane and I expect and respond to each person differently.

What are three important pieces of advice you would give a young person in your life?

1. Demand more from yourself than any other human being could ever demand. Give yourself no excuse and no out.

2. Never pay for what you were born with. You don’t pay for confidence, self-respect or love.

3. People are the most important resource in the world; always look to learn and connect with people. And never stop giving and investing in people in some way. It doesn’t have to be monetary, but find a way to give without expecting a return from them.

What piece of advice would you give your teenage self?

Everything in your head that you think you will do one day, do it now. Stop doubting and second-guessing yourself.

What advice would you give to young men about dealing with their emotions?

The most real man is the one who can embrace the full human experience. If you’re hurt, be hurt. If you’re sad, be sad. Don’t hold back tears and freely release anger and lust. Emotions aren’t wrong, but how we manage them can be. Pain and love are what we all have in common; how we express them are our differences.

If you could leave a legacy to your children or grandchildren, what would it be?

Something they can build on top of, not just something they can eat off of. I don’t want to just leave money they can eat from but, values, companies and a name that matters to more than just our family.

What do you define as your #BlackManMagic?

The ability to recreate ourselves and be resourceful. We have been able to innovate paths for ourselves in every generation that continues to move culture forward.

What are the three values that you govern and live your life by?

1. Never do anything that disrespects my faith in God, embarrasses my family or cheats someone.

2. Never stay mad longer than it takes to address someone and tell them how I feel about what they did.

3. Give more than I take from any person or situation.

How do you deal with obstacles and setbacks? 

I’ve learned most obstacles are more about how much attention we give to it. I deal with obstacles like most parents learn to deal with their kids, tune them out and keep an ear out just in case you have to address something that is going on at the moment. It’s a delicate balance between acknowledging it, but not obsessing over it.

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