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Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders » Remus of The 850 Life helps people raise their credit scores

Remus of The 850 Life helps people raise their credit scores

Photo credit: Photographer Faree
Rolling out interviews Remus Jackson IV about The 850 Life group. He helps build people’s credit to achieve an 800 credit score. He speaks about his company’s future goals and his clients.
What is it that you do?
I help people manage their personal and business lifestyle, providing access to the elite events and people of the world.
What encouraged you to get into the credit repair business?
I got into the credit repair business because I saw a need in Black community. We are so behind when it comes to financial literacy. Credit is the foundation to all financial systems.
What are your company’s future goals?
My goal is to make The 850 Life a lifestyle powered by love, honor and respect, people helping one another to be great in whatever profession they choose while having fun doing it.
How many clients have you serviced to date?
I have helped well over 1,000 people nationwide.
Who was your most successful client?
All my clients are successful, however, I have helped a few people get their scores over 800.
What is typically the age of the person that you service?
The typical age of my clients is 21.
What are the advantages that come from servicing clients?
I learn so much listening to people’s goals, fears and problems. It’s my duty as a human being to help others.
Do you have any events coming up?
I am planning a big launch event within the next 2 months, where I will be taking 200 people to Las Vegas for a big party with A-list celebrities.
How can someone reach you?
I can be reached at 833-850-LIFE or [email protected]