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Trap-pop artist brings a new style to the music game

Photo credit: Ashley Rose

Name: Janine The Machine

Talent: Songwriter, artist

City: Atlanta

Genre: This up-and-coming artist continues to bring a different style to the music industry. Her unique sound translates to a blend of trap and pop.

Favorite artists: Missy Elliott, Santigold and Kelis.

You have a unique style and a unique voice. Who is “Janine The Machine” in five syllables?

A future icon. 

It’s hard to stand out in a time like this, where everyone wants to be an influencer. What helps you stay true to yourself? Anyone you look up to? 

It’s easy staying true to yourself when you know who you are, and are in tune with your purpose. I know what I was put on this Earth to [do], and I know the only way to achieve true greatness is by staying 100 percent authentic. 

Any hidden talents you have not shared with the world yet? Who is Janine behind closed doors?

I play some really random instruments, such as the harp, clarinet, and the Javanese gamelan [Indonesian percussion instrument]. I really want to get into playing the theremin, though. Most people also aren’t aware that I’m a voice-over actor, as well. My first paying gig was for a Hooters commercial. It was pretty hilarious. 

Where did it all start for you? Why the music industry? 

I’ve always known I was born for this. I’ve been playing instruments, and writing songs since before I could remember. Music is powerful. It transcends time, space, culture, and language. I want to use my platform as a musician to spread love and positive energy. That’s what it’s all about. 

Where do you see yourself in five years? What are you doing right now to make that happen? 

I see myself traveling the world, selling out arenas, starting my own nonprofit, helping the less fortunate, and basically being a boss b—-. I have so many things I want to do, so I’m just staying focused, and surrounding myself with positive people who are tapped into the vision. 

What current project should we be listening to? What’s next?

Everyone should be listening to my debut EP, High Places. I’m currently finishing up my second EP, and have a lot of exciting collaborations on the way. I’m also getting some tour dates together, so you guys have to come check me [out] on the road.

Click here to see Janine The Machine’s recent music video for “Questions” featuring American actor, rapper and dancer Roshon Bernard Fegan.

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