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Nicki Minaj spotted with her new multimillion-dollar man? (photos)


Lewis Hamilton, right, with Tommy Hilfiger and rapper Travis Scott. Photo: [email protected]

The other night, Nicki Minaj and British auto racer Lewis Hamilton, 33, were spotted by the paparazzi not so subtly arriving and departing dinner together at upscale Italian eatery Carbone in the Manhattan section of New York City. They were easily photographed sharing a bodyguard’s umbrella and then getting into the same vehicle.

Fans could easily deduce that the two were not trying to hide.

Besides, Hamilton posted the fact they were seen together on his own Instagram page.

Previously, Hamilton was boo’d up with singer Nicole Scherzinger and was later linked to mega-singer Rihanna and Chanel Iman. Hamilton got the bag (a very big bag) off of Formula One Racing and just signed a $100M contract with Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport, so he’s good in the coins area.

It remains to be seen if these two will get linked up long term.

Meanwhile, fans shared their opinions on the pair on Twitter, with some welcoming it and others believing Hamilton will get contaminated by Minaj:

  • heracabret@karaelliot96 @mrscindyb@bbellammia @tonigalore We’re all just assuming. These are other people’s lives they can do what they want regardless of what we think so let’s all just mind our business cos at the end of the day they’re not paying us to support them and we’re wasting our time. TBH I actually don’t really care… do y’all?
  • cathill88I wonder doesn Nicki know what F1 is?
  • karaelliot96@heracabret to be honest I understand what you mean. But if indeed they are dating. Don’t you think he knows what he will be getting into? The controversy the media the rumors and all of that? He is 33 for gods sake. He has dated celebs before as far as I know. But tell me what exactly do you mean by she will KILL HIM? are you implying something about nicki? Do you even know her like that?
  • sean6241👍👍🇮🇪
  • r.wiesmannLewis u still on the plane?
  • marloussoekhie@juliasoekhie miss moeten we toch meer formule 1 kijken👀😂
  • heracabret@karaelliot96 also now compare the girls he’s dated to Nicki. I feel like Nicki can beat poor Lewis up in a heated argument 😂😂 (god please don’t let him see this ) 😭😭😭
  • heracabret@karaelliot96 I was all for Nicole S (I don’t know how to spell her last name). I almost cried when they broke up as if it was my own break up 🙄 I don’t hate Nicki I like some of her songs but there’s this toxic energy around her recently that just put me completely off her. I don’t know her like that and neither do you probably but from what I see she’s not a great sport.



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