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Rappers who made the 2017 ‘Forbes’ highest-paid list but not the 2018 edition

Rapper Rick Ross (Photo credit: Steed Media)

It is always fascinating to see which artists are making boss moves within the ubiquitous genre of hip-hop, along with those who are playing the game right and end up on the annual Forbes Cash Kings list of highest-paid rappers.

No one can tell you anything when your name is plastered all over the internationally renowned financial magazine.

It’s also interesting to see who stays on the Forbes list from year to year, like Jay-Z, Diddy and Dr. Dre seem to do; and who falls off one year after sitting on top of the world.

This year, the cut-off was higher than 2017’s $11 million minimum income earned in order to make the list. To grab the 20th and final spot in 2018, a hip-hop head had to at least make more than $15 million.

Check out the seven rappers who were on fire in 2017, but fell off the Forbes list in 2018.

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