Say what? Prisoner tries to rape NYPD officer in court


A female member of the New York Police Department sustained serious injuries and mental trauma when a male prisoner, already in jail for two charges of gross sexual impropriety, tried to rape her while in a holding area just outside of court.

Fortunately, another prisoner thwarted the attack long enough for reinforcements to arrive and shut the would-be rapist down, the New York Post reports.

The suspect in question, Jeriah Bamugo, was set to see a judge on his two cases of groping a woman and menacing another female, and was being escorted by an unarmed female police officer from the holding area for arraignment in Brooklyn Criminal Court.

Without warning, Bamugo, 26, ambushed the female officer and slammed her up against the wall as she was attempting to transport him and another inmate from a holding cell into the adjacent courtroom.

Hissing to the female officer, “I’m going to have sex with you,” Bamugo tore off her belt and tried to take off her pants. They wrestled with each other and as the two crashed to the floor another prisoner stepped in and tried to untangle Bamudo from the squirming woman.

The heroic man, 17, was also going to see the judge on “minor marijuana and theft charges,” the Post reports. Chances are the young man’s case will be viewed favorably and he’ll get leniency from the judge.

“Thankfully, he was unsuccessful,” a law-enforcement source said of the attacker, according to the Post. “Another inmate saved her.”

Another source told the newspaper, “He was trying to disrobe her, pulling at her clothes. Officers responded within 30 seconds. I saw one guy sprint back into the cells. The inmates immediately started screaming.”

The female officer escaped but suffered a concussion and back injuries.

Bamugo may not be released from jail for the foreseeable future after this dangerous and outrageous act. He’s already facing numerous charges for shoving a woman into a bathroom inside of a hospital on one day, and then, on another day, allegedly grabbing a woman’s breasts in Brooklyn’s Flatbush section and then punching her before dashing away.

Now the prisoner is undoubtedly going to face multiple felony counts for the assault on a police officer. Those charges have not yet been released to the press.

Terry Shropshire
Terry Shropshire

A military veteran and Buckeye State native, I've written for the likes of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Atlanta Business Chronicle and the Detroit Free Press. I'm a lover of words, photography, books, travel, animals and The Ohio State Buckeyes. #GoBucks

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