Watch: Katt Williams runs after alleged gun threat by Wanda Smith’s husband

Katt Williams
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The drama between Katt Williams and V103’s Wanda Smith allegedly escalated one day after their on-air roasting session. Footage from the incident has emerged.

As previously reported, Williams and Smith confronted each other at the Atlanta Comedy Theater in Norcross, Georgia, on Sept. 15. Smith’s husband, Lamorris Sellers, was apparently upset with Williams, who crushed Smith on-air by joking about her hair, hands, and weight during a live interview.

Smith claims that Williams told her outside the comedy club, “I told you f—n’ with me will make you go viral!”

Sellers began chasing Williams, who ran to a nearby grocery store. Williams told authorities that Sellers pointed a gun at him. Sellers admitted to having a gun, but told authorities that the gun dropped out of his waistband when he was chasing Williams. He denied pointing a gun at Williams.

On Sept. 17, Smith addressed the incident on “Frank and Wanda in the Morning.” Smith said that she was not prepared to get into a roasting session with Williams.

“I am not playing [the] victim,” Smith said while speaking with her co-star of the show, Frank Ski. “I am not a jokester like that. I don’t know how to do that. He did it. He won. It threw me off.”

Smith also believed that Williams had an agenda during the initial interview.

“I felt like, as he started to talk, in the beginning, he had an agenda to attack me and I kept feeling some type of way,” Smith said. “He kinda came for me. And I’m not that kind of comedian, like, I don’t go tit for tat. … When he started coming at me, it kinda threw me off.  I didn’t know how to come back … because that’s not how I wanted to talk to him … because of the respect.”

Following the incident at the Atlanta Comedy Club, Williams chose not to press charges.

The Atlanta Comedy Club released the following statement:

There is a lot of speculation and misinformation on the Internet about the incident with Katt Williams and Wanda Smith’s husband. The verbal altercation took place outside in the parking lot and NOT inside the Atlanta Comedy Theater. One of our security guards witnessed the incident as well as helped quickly de-escalate the situation, and reported he saw NO gun at anytime. We are an upscale comedy club and employ in-house security as well as off-duty officers at every show. We admire and respect both Wanda Smith and Katt Williams for their work in the stand-up comedy field and this is just an unfortunate incident with two clashing personalities. It is our understanding Mr. Williams stated he did not want to press charges so all the talk seems to be much ado about nothing.”

View video of Katt Williams running from Wanda Smith’s husband. Video via WXIA

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