Mistress of ‘Married to Medicine’ star’s husband insults his manhood

Mistress of 'Married to Medicine' star's husband insults his manhood
Quad Webb Lunceford with “Married to Medicine” cast mate Dr. Heavenly Kimes. Photo: [email protected]

Until now, the public had only “Married to Medicine” star Quad Webb-Lunceford’s word that the existence of a mistress contributed to the deterioration of her union with her estranged husband, Dr. Gregory Lunceford.

In fact, Quad Lunceford mentioned that in her divorce filings and used that to justify some of her post-marital demands.

However, the alleged mistress, Jackie Presley, materialized out of nowhere and dropped bombs on the physician, including some stinging insults about his sexual equipment and denunciations about his character. Presley decided to appear on the radio show after Gregory Lunceford spoke on V-103 but was not, in Presley’s opinion, being forthright.

Yes, it takes quite a woman who identifies herself as the mistress to call into question the moral compass of a married man. But, according to her interview with V-103’s “Frank & Wanda in the Morning,” Presley said she had no idea that Greg Lunceford was married and is a reality TV star.

In fact, she says “Dr. Gregory,” as he likes to be called, allegedly told Presley that he was single.

Presley accused Quad Lunceford’s estranged husband of not “coming clean.”

While on the radio show, Presley said she met the doctor through a mutual friend while hanging out at a club one evening.

Presley told “Frank & Wanda” that not only did Dr. Gregory lie about being single, he attempted to have unprotected sex with her after she allegedly performed oral sex and engaged in foreplay.

“I met him after the club, and that was one of the first questions I asked him, ‘Are you married?’ He said, ‘No.’ ”

Presley claims Dr. Gregory nor his friend were wearing their wedding bands. She reveals Dr. Gregory also paid for the hotel room for them to have sex, despite his claims to the contrary the night before.

“There was foreplay … oral sex … then he proceeds to get on top of me without a condom. Again, proceeds to get on me and puts it in without a condom. I said can you run down the street to get a condom?”

Presley says about “10-15 minutes after he left, he texts me and said, ‘I’m just going to go home. Enjoy the room.’ ”

When Presley received the bill for the room the next morning, she Googled Dr. Gregory and found out who he really was as well as his marital status. Presley then made the decision to contact Quad Lunceford and inform the wife of her rendezvous with her husband.

“I got on her Instagram and I told her what happened. It’s disgusting to me. Even though I made the decision to possibly have a one-night stand with somebody, this guy was going to try to have unprotected sex with me and then go home to his wife.”

When Presley was pressed about Dr. Gregory’s accusations of her trying to extort him, she said “Yeah. That’s false. I wrote something, and that’s false.”

She closed out the interview by taking shots at Dr. Gregory’s reproductive organ.

“Very, very small,” she said, then added this dig: “Of course, she probably didn’t want to have sex with him.”

Quad Lunceford filed for divorce Greg Lunceford this past May, one month after officially separating and months before the season premiere of “Married to Medicine.”

“Married to Medicine” premiered their sixth season on Sept. 2.

Check out the V-103 interview in its entirety below:


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