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What Chrissy Teigen revealed about her husband John Legend

John Legend (Photo Credit: A.R. Shaw)

John Legend is a “pushover” parent.

The “All of Me” singer has two children Luna, 2, and Miles, 4 months, with his wife Chrissy Teigen. The 32-year-old model has admitted her husband is a lot more accommodating than her when it comes to their first born because he can’t say no to her.

The blonde beauty told “BUILD Series”: “He will say no and then if [Luna] asks one more time, it’s a yes. He’s a bit of a pushover with Luna. I think it’s because they look so much alike and he’s like, ‘Okay, you beautiful being. Anything you want.’

“He needs to learn to say no because I’m the tough guy. It’s always a thing in any household, there’s always one.”

Although John can’t refuse his little girl — who Teigen thinks is “spoiled” — the cookbook author is impressed with how much patience the 39-year-old singer has.

“He’s also insanely patient. He’s amazing at diaper changing. He gives them so much attention no matter what’s going on in his life or my life or work-wise. They never feel like they’re like second to work and I think he’s really great with that,” she explained

Teigen has just released her second cookbook, Hungry For More but she has admitted she and John have to be more selective about what they eat now that they’re older.

“John can be a jerk because he really enjoys the healthy recipes. But I think we’re finding as we grow older the pounds just aren’t shedding like they used to. My mind leans towards the everything bagel cream cheese breakfast bake, we’re all over the place … but we do find ourselves having to navigate toward eating better,” she said.