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Attorney Rosezena Pierce uses passion and persistence to achieve goals

Attorney Rosezena Pierce uses passion and persistence to achieve goals
Rosezena Pierce, attorney at law, RJ Pierce Law Group, with offices in Chicago and Atlanta. (Photo courtesy of RJ Pierce Law Group)

Rosezena Pierce, a native of Chicago, grew up on the city’s West Side. Pierce realized early in life that to achieve the lofty goals she set for herself, she would have to learn to combine passion and persistence.

As an ambitious and driven young woman, she decided to become an attorney — a business attorney. “I wanted to be a business attorney working with contracts and representing corporations,” she explains.

Pierce’s specialty is working with clients to protect their brands, and she revels in seeing the fruits of her labor. “[I can be] driving down the freeway and I see a billboard reflecting the brand I worked on, that’s rewarding,” she says.

The accomplished attorney is the lead counsel for the RJ Pierce Law Group, P.C., based out of Chicago.

Why trademark law?

I have a legal certificate in that area, so I can call myself an expert in trademark law. I found a niche where I could help people protect their brands and legacies. I always wanted to be a business attorney, working with contracts and representing corporations. Ever since I heard about Redd Foxx and how he lost his fortune, [I ask] who is advising our celebrities … especially those who have money so they won’t lose it all.

What makes RJ Pierce Law Group different from other practices?

It’s not just getting a transaction done it’s about [cultivating] a relationship. Our clients have wise counsel accessible to them. They can feel comfortable knowing they have me by their side. Unlike with other attorneys, my clients have my cell phone number to call or text me, and I do answer my phone to talk with them.

What advice can you share with someone looking for an attorney?

Always educate yourself first. When I give a client an agreement I don’t ask them to just sign it; I will go through it with them first, to explain what’s in the agreement, just in case I’m not around or available they know the terms [of the] agreements they are signing.

What types of businesses or individuals seek trademark attorneys?

As long as you have a brand or business I can help you. Whether you are a Martha Stewart with a personal brand or a Coca-Cola with a business brand, you still need protection. Although, remember you don’t have to be as big as these brands and businesses to protect your small brand and/or business.

Give five reasons to hire a trademark attorney.

1. For legal advice and counseling before filing an application: There is research that needs to be done before filing. The mere filing of an application could bring legal action against you.

2. You need someone to communicate with the government regarding your application: We will go through its process with you. If you get a response from the government, you want to know you have someone by your side to handle it.

3. A response from another law office: You may get a request from a law office demanding you withdraw an application. Without proper representation, you may withdraw not knowing that you are within your rights.

4. Once an application is registered you want someone to watch your rights: Trademark Owners need to protect their intellectual property rights from intentional and unintentional infringers.

5. Don’t lose your trademark registration: In trademark law, as long as you use your trademark you won’t lose it, but you will have to file maintenance documents with the United States Patent and Trademark Office to maintain your federal rights. By having an attorney, you get legal assistance in keeping up with dates so you won’t lose your federal trademark.

What is your superpower?

The fact that I am a young female from the West Side of Chicago, from “the ‘hood,” I learned that with my knowledge I can translate it back to my community. I can educate my community, so it can create a level playing field of entrepreneurship for us. The internet has created more unconventional entrepreneurs than anything else. Now, as long as I can translate how to protect them under the law, I feel that is my superpower. I can help people who look like me become successful entrepreneurs.

How do you apply technology in your business?

I use technology to educate and to meet clients where they are. I don’t always have to be standing in front of them. That’s the beauty of social media. I also use technology to run an affordable practice and keep my rates affordable, so the new entrepreneurs can afford legal services. The law can be so intimidating and [sometimes] some feel as if it is beyond their reach. We use our social media platforms to let them know we are here and within their reach. We have booked a lot of clients “down in the DM.”

Who inspires you?

My husband and family. I had kids while in law school and [my husband] took on the responsibility of making sure that they were good while I focused. Since I was a kid, my father always told me “quitters never win and winners quit — you are a winner and you have no other choice but to win.” That always stays with me, no matter where I go or what I am going through.

What are your thoughts about taking risks?

I have a bag from one of my coaches that reads, “risk over regret.” It’s better to take a risk than to regret [not taking] it. I took a risk relocating my family to Atlanta, not knowing anyone, and not having lived anywhere else outside of Chicago. I don’t say it’s [taking a] risk, I say it’s stepping out on faith. I believe when you step out on faith, God will reward you, because you showed him you believed in him.

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