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Tamar Braxton’s mother and sister devastated by her child molestation

Traci Braxton, Trina Braxton, Towanda Braxton and matriarch Evelyn Braxton. Toni and Tamar Braxton are not pictured. Photo Credit Jonell Media PR via Steed Media

Recently, singer Tamar Braxton created shockwaves that reverberated through her family and around the country when she shocked Wendy Williams and the audience on Williams’ show by revealing that she was molested as a child. Braxton’s mother and sister were horrified and “devastated” by the news.

Mother Evelyn Braxton, 70, said the most devastating part is trying to wrap her mind around the fact that her youngest daughter was violated by members of her own family. While she doesn’t know who the culprits are (Tamar, 41, said people on both sides of the family molested her), she will stand by her daughter against the alleged pedophiles.

“I’m prepared to stand by Tamar’s side, no matter what. Sometimes you are worried about what happens outside the family. But because it was in the family, that’s devastating,” she told TMZ at the Los Angeles International Airport. “That means you have to watch what goes on outside the family and what goes on within the family. That’s devastating.”

The Braxton matriarch has not tried to pry information from Tamar nor ask who stole her childhood from her. Evelyn said she will let Tamar decide when she is ready to share, if ever.

“And can you imagine the person that’s has been dealing with this for all of these years?” she said. When she was asked if she thinks the responsible family members are concerned, Evelyn flung the idea away.

“I don’t think they are shaking in their boots. They are hoping that it will go away. If she feels she wants to tell her story — I don’t care who it is — I’m going to stand by her 100 percent, whether or not people understand, that’s my child. Her pain is my pain.”

Towanda, Tamar’s sister, admits she was stung by her sister’s revelations, but she said she has her back completely.

“You know we’re always going to support each other. Everybody has a right to speak their truth. She has a right speak her truth, no matter how long ago it was or who it was,” Towanda told TMZ.

When asked how Tamar is holding up, Towanda said her sister is doing well considering the circumstances.

“She’s good. She’s doing good. She’s doing the play with Snoop,” she told TMZ. “Make sure you watch [the show ‘Fix My Life’] with Iyanla [Vanzant] because that is an amazing episode. There’s always healing and growth. And with growth comes pain because you are not used to that [the new reality]. And when you are uncomfortable, that means you are growing. Takes a lot of courage to speak your truth, no matter who it hurts.”