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Tri-Cities High School marching band gets words of encouragement from this CEO

Tri-Cities High School Marching Band warms up in the parking lot of the Loudermilk Conference Center in downtown Atlanta, Ga. (Photo by Steed Media Group)

As the Marching Bulldogs of Tri-Cities High School began to warm up their instruments in an empty parking lot, Munson Steed, founder and CEO of Steed Media Group and publisher of rolling out, casually strolled out to a clearing overlooking the parking lot to survey the scene.

“I’m going to go out there, and talk to them,” he shared. “There are a few things that I want to tell them before it’s time for them to perform.”

As Steed descended the steps, moving closer to the parking lot with a long, confident gait, casual bystanders began to assemble on the adjacent downtown Atlanta streets, drawn to the melodious sounds of the band warmup rituals.

Rolling out publisher Munson Steed greets Tri-Cities High School band director Tarik Rowland  (Photo by Steed Media Service)

“I don’t want to interrupt your warm-ups, but I wanted to take a moment to thank you and the band for being a part of today’s kickoff celebration,” he relayed to Rowland. “As soon as I’m able to, I’d like to say a few words to the band.”

Rowland agreed to the request, as they sealed the agreement with a handshake that extended into a hug. For Steed, it was an important moment. He was set to kick off the 2nd annual RIDE (Rolling Out Innovation Digital Entertainment) Conference, and this was his opening act. This small group of 50 high school juniors and seniors would set the tone for the rest of the day. As their warm-up concluded, all fixated on Steed.

Munson Steed, founder and CEO of Steed Media Group and publisher of rolling out, speaks to members of the Tri-Cities High School Marching Band at the 2018 RIDE Conference kick off.

“I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how proud we are of you,” he began, his voice rising with excitement. “You are our future, and I can think of no better way to kick off RIDE than with the next generation of dreamers. So continue to push yourself, and continue to dream. We look forward to not only hearing you perform today but also seeing the manifestation of your bright futures.”

And with that, the band let out an exuberant scream.

Watch the video on the next page, and click here to see the band’s performance at the 2018 RIDE Conference.

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