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Why Iyanla Vanzant says Tamar Braxton should not be on reality TV

Photo Credit: Porsha Monique for Steed Media
Iyanla Vanzant at the Loves Holiday Weekend event.

Iyanla Vanzant’s visit to the “Braxton Family Values” reality show degenerated into a metaphorical war zone over two excruciating episodes, replete with unseen land mines and multiple ambush attacks.

Some of the most explosive revelations and confrontations revolved around Tamar Braxton unloading on seemingly everyone and in every direction like a shaken soda can with the top pulled off. This included her rants against Vanzant who was there to help piece back together this fractured famous family.

To viewers, this was a clear indication of corrosion within Tamar Braxton’s soul that needs to be cleansed.

After analyzing her behavior and outbursts, an inside source told that Vanzant does not believe that Tamra Braxton, the young member of this large clan, should be on reality TV. In fact, Vanzant is said to be very concerned about how reality TV is negatively impacting her mental and, subsequently, physical health.

The entertainment publication said Vanzant expressed concern that Tamar Braxton is addicted to attention the way a crack addict needs another hit. This, according to Vanzant, emanates from her being the youngest child who came of age alone and unable to travel the world with her older sisters after eldest sibling Toni Braxton skyrocketed to fame.

Tamar Braxton is still afflicted with feelings of abandonment to this day.

Vanzant reportedly believes that her penchant for “acting out” in order to get her quotient of attention will boomerang and destroy her and, subsequently, bleed into the rest of the family.

Furthermore, Vanzant allegedly believes that Tamar Braxton may have a mental health disorder that may require psychological intervention to reverse.

Braxton, 41, did take the time to tweet her gratitude to her fans for sticking with her through this arduous healing process initiated by Vanzant’s invitation to the popular WeTV show.

“This has been one INCREDIBLE journey. I have experienced extreme highs
and extreme lows all in front of you all! Being open and honest with
you guys is what I feel made us all connect in the first place. I just
hope and pray that I can continue being a reflection of REAL LIFE,” Tamar Braxton tweeted.

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