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‘RHOA’s’ Porsha Williams tells why she unfollowed Kandi Burruss

Porsha Williams: Instagram/@porsha4real

“Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Porsha Williams is not ashamed to admit that she is really petty when it comes to unfollowing people on Instagram.

Dubbing herself the “unfollow queen,” Williams, who is also a co-host on the hit show “Dish Nation,” dished on why she unfollows certain RHOA cast members and many other people on a regular basis.

“Well I do unfollow. I am the unfollow queen,” said Williams, 37. “I am an active Instagram person. And if I’m mad at you, and I don’t want to see you coming down my timeline, then I will unfollow yo a– real quick.”

Another “Dish Nation” co-host asked her why she stopped following Burruss on Instagram, which was quickly noticed by pop culture observers. Williams revealed that it had nothing to do with any residual ill feelings from her once accusing Burruss of conspiring to drug her and take her back to her sex dungeon to rape her. The fallout from that explosive drama cost one popular RHOA cast member her job and nearly caused irreparable damage to Burruss and Williams’ friendship.

The reason Williams gave for severing ties with Burruss on social media was rather benign and simple.

“I unfollowed Kandi at one point – I’m sure I’ll follow her again,” Williams began. “It was because she posted somebody I didn’t wanna see. I done unfollowed everybody at one point in time or another, but the problem with unfollowing Kandi, is that everybody know Kandi. As soon as I unfollow, she all on my Explore [page], ‘Hey, b—h!’”

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