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Nivea is happy the music industry is embracing ‘mama bodies’ now

Photo by Steed Media Service

The entertainment industry isn’t known for being particularly understanding about flaws and imperfections, especially when it comes to women’s bodies. R&B singer Nivea was introduced to a national audience in 2001 when she was freshly out of high school. “Back then being a certain size was easy because I was so young,” she says. It became more difficult to maintain her svelte figure after she had her first baby, then was pregnant 11 months later with twins.

At the time Nivea was married to singer-songwriter The-Dream and juggling marriage, pregnancy and a pre-pregnancy body became overwhelming. “Back then the industry didn’t embrace pregnancy so we were hiding it. It was crazy,” Nivea says.

Besides hiding her pregnancy, Nivea’s body went from girlhood to womanhood after she gave birth to her twin boys. Although she worked hard to get back in shape, she now had a womanly body that didn’t match her girlish image. “I think the label didn’t know what to do with me,” she says.

“Today it’s different. Pregnancy is embraced. You have artists showing off their baby bump and everyone loves it. Plus the industry embraces women with hips and curves and big butts, etc., ‘mama bodies’ are the in thing now, so it’s a lot more comfortable to come back now,” Nivea explains.

“I’ve never been someone that you could put in a box. I was wearing color in my hair way back then before it became the trend like it is now. I like being able to express myself however I want to at that moment. It’s a much better time for me and the type of artist I am. I don’t like being told what I can or can’t wear or having to hide who I am,” she says.

Nivea just shot a video for her new single “Circles” and she is looking forward to re-connecting with audiences. “The song is a perfect comeback song because it talks about being stuck in a pattern and then finally breaking free,” she says.

Watch Nivea’s new video for “Circles” here: